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Policy Changes for AMHS


New Cancellation Policy goes into affect Oct 1st, 2015 (This is very different) All reservations must be paid in full at the time of booking. No longer is there a 14 day hold before payment is required.

Agent Commissions - Since the AMHS has decided they no longer will pay commissions, we have no choice but to charge a booking fee. Our basic booking fee is just $25.00. Any other charges that you incur will be the result of Alaska Marine Highway policy and in no way involves Alaska Tour Adventures.


Walk On Reservations


If you do NOT need a cabin and you are NOT traveling with a vehicle click on the reservation link below for an easy, speedy reservation request. (Bring your sleeping bag & pillow if it's an overnight sailing) Passenger space rarely sells out on any of the sailings. However, during certain times of the year it is common to have groups traveling between communities in Southeast Alaska. (such as school sports teams) During those times, passenger space often does sell out.

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New Rates


The Alaska Marine Highway has been slow to publish rate schedules. At this time the only way to get fares is to actually start a reservation. As soon as rates are available we will post them. Feel free to fill out our free no-obligation quote form to help you with rates.  CLICK HERE


Phone Hours We respond to form requests submitted during & after phone hours.

8:00am to 6:00pm Alaska Standard Time 7 Days a Week
9:00am to 7:00pm Pacific Standard Time 7 Days a Week
Noon to 10:00PM Eastern Standard Time 7 Days a Week


There’s no arguing that one of the best ways to explore Alaska is by cruising the 1500 miles of coastline know as "Alaska’s Inside Passage" — but not everyone wants a traditional cruise. Consider traveling on the Alaska Marine Highway, which offers a fleet of fast farranging ferries, each bearing the name of an Alaskan glacier. Giving you the opportunity to vacation, with or without your car or RV, and even the family pet is welcome. With all the scenic beauty of a traditional small cruise ship, yet puts you in charge of your own itinerary, you are free to stop and go as you chart your own course through seven ports of call along the Inside Passage.

Why Take the Alaska Ferry?

Alaska presents one of the most scenic sections on earth more coastline than the rest of the United States combined, and more than half its coastal cities are unreachable by conventional roads. On the Alaska Marine Highway the crews work aroundtheclock to provide safety and comfort without "Love Boat" frippery. The ferries are clean and comfortable, with observation lounges, heated solariums, a widemenu selection in the restaurants and cafeterias. Unlike traditional cruise ships the crews are all Alaskan residents and tipping is not necessary. Some vessels have theater areas that show feature films as well as documentaries about Alaska. Many ships have card rooms, small video arcades, reading rooms and toddler play areas.




Here is a handy vessel sailing calendar that can help you determine which vessels are serving which communities.

If you set it for a specific vessel in "All Ports" and the calendar is blank, it means that vessel is out of service during that time period. If you go too far ahead, the calendar will also be blank. Explanation

Vessel Sailing Calendar


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