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Juneau Alaska

Juneau is the central hub for Southeast Alaska and Alaska's infamous Inside Passage. While in Southeast Alaska you will want to see as many of the communities as you possibly can, but you will always find yourself back in Juneau.

A great way to start out your visit to Juneau would be to visit the Alaska State Museum. From Juneau, a number of impressive glaciers can be reached by auto or by trail. The best known is the Mendenhall Glacier. Don't miss this experience while visiting Juneau.

The most memorable thing about Juneau for many people is the rich variety of hiking trails. There are hikes to suit all abilities, ages and aspirations, but if you are about setting out alone, contact the Juneau Parks & Recreation division Telephone 907-586-5226, which organizes hikes for groups and families a few days a week.

Juneau is the Capital of Alaska and it also has the unique distinction of being the only State Capital  impossible to drive an automobile in or out of.


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