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Cabins & Passengers

Crew Capacity:
Passenger Capacity:
Staterooms- 4 berth:
Staterooms- 3 berth:
Staterooms- 2 berth:
ADA Staterooms- 4b:
ADA Staterooms- 2b:
Total Staterooms:
Total Berths:


Vehicles & Crew

Vehicle Capacity (ft.):
Vehicle Quantity:
Elevator Length (ft):
Van Quantity:


Year Built: 1964
Length (ft.):
Beam (ft.):
Displacement (LT):
Loaded Draft:
Service HP:
Service Speed (kn):
Domestic Tons:
International Tons:


Tustumena Overview

Here we sit upon the Spit
Awaiting the "Blue Canoe"
From in our car home seems so far
But soon we'll be with you.

Poem By: Phil Morris

 Through the many years of service to Alaskans and visitors, the Tustumena has picked up many nicknames. Blue Canoe, Trusty Tusty just to name a few. Whatever you call her, she has been a faithful and an appreciated addition to life in South Central Alaska and The Chain. This vessel connects remote Alaskan communities and without her it would make life extremely difficult. The Tustumena services the Aleutian Islands twice a month during the summer months departing from Homer every other Tuesday for a 7 day sail. During that time the Kennicott returns from it's Bellingham run to fill in for the Tusty.

The Solarium Deck makes it very convenient for those who want to pitch a small pup tent instead of renting a cabin.

Like the Kennicott, the Tustumena has a vehicle elevator which is essential for loading and offloading in Homer and Kodiak. The Tusty''s elevator can take a maximum length vehicle of 40 feet. If your vehicle is longer than 40 feet, and you are sailing to or from Kodiak or Homer, then you would be required to do a "double shuffle". To do this procedure requires a driver and car up on the dock and a driver and car on deck below. The top car and driver backs the trailer on the elevator and disconnects, and the bottom car and driver below connects to it and pulls it off. It's that simple. The Alaska Marine Highway does NOT provide this service. It is up to you to arrange for this in advance.

The Tustumena was constructed in 1963. It principally runs between Kodiak, Seldovia, Port Lions, Ouzinkie and Homer. The only interruptions in this schedule occur when making a voyage out the the Aleutian Chain.

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