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Bringing Your Car on the Ferry

Here is a diagram of the measurements needed. You will also be asked for the width. (Not Shown)

The Alaska Ferry Kennicott off- loads in Kodiak.
Cars can often go four at a time depending on the width and length of vehicles.
The Kennicott & the Tustumena are the only two vessels in the fleet with vehicle elevators.


Traveling with your car on the Alaska Ferry is a very popular way to travel. It gives you the most freedom once you have reached your destination in Alaska.

There are a few points to keep in mind when planning a trip with your car.

  1. When you bring your vehicle you are required to check in earlier than those without a vehicle.

  2. You cannot sleep in your car (or any vehicle) while the ship is underway. That is Coast Guard Regulations. Periodically throughout the sail you will hear the Purser announce over the PA System that the car deck will be unlocked for 15 minutes if you need to retrieve anything during sailing.

  3. Keeping #2 in mind, remember to bring important medications etc with you when you are first boarding.

  4. All cars are subject to search at check in for standard security procedures.

  5. When you made your reservation, you were required to give the length, height and width of your vehicle. Terminal personnel will re-measure and adjust your bill accordingly if they deem necessary.

  6. AMHS is not responsible for vehicles parked on board during sail. While there are very few incidents, it is up to your good judgment to keep your vehicle locked while on the vessel.

  7. You will NOT be able to remove your vehicle when the ship pulls into port UNLESS it is a scheduled stop that is already listed on your itinerary. Cars are loaded in the order of when they will be offloading making it difficult if not impossible to remove an unscheduled vehicle.
  8. There is no weight restriction for passenger cars and you may pack them with household goods, if desired.

  9. If there are firearms in the car, they MUST be declared at the time of check-in and to the Terminal Employees loading cars.


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